HBM Diversified Sdn Bhd




HBM Provides Design of Medical Gas System in your hospital in accordance to HTM 2022 or HTM 02-01 which suits you. This services also applicable to Mechanical & Electrical Consultant to propose to their Main Contractor for the "Design & Built" projects.


The design works shall start with the needs of medical gas services in each room from wards, ICUs to the Operation Theatre rooms. Flowrates of each departments are very crucial in order to get the continuous flowrate of the medical gas without any interuption. Design of Medical gas plantroom of each gas services for Oxygen, Nitrous Oxide, Entonox, Medical & surgical Air for pressured gas to the vacuum and Anaesthetic gas scavanging plant shall be done in accordance to the needs of the hospital with percentage of future developement. The design of pipe sizing for each medical gas services also shall be designed in a very thorough manner so that the pressure will be constant while continuous flowrate is used.


In relation to this, HBM also give advisory services from using the the Horizontal Bedhead Panel or Vertical panel for Wards to the Pendants for Intensive care units and Operation theatre suits to the customers' budget without eliminating the functionality of the system.


HBM also could offer the feasiblity study on the existing hospital for upgrading the Medical Gas System in calculating the existing usage of the Medical gas and the additional usage after the upgrading, thus to upgrade the existing source of supply for every gases. 


All the design works will be done in "win-win" situation which HBM will undertake the works with the full warranty of the design and the workmanship as the products should have their own products warranty against manufacturer defects.